WeBoost Home Complete Review – 2020

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WeBoost Home Complete Review – 2020

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Hey everybody, it’s Craig here and I’m here today to talk about the, We Boost Home Complete. It’s a new product from We Boost, it’s a cell phone booster and I’ve used their products before and they’re wonderful. And they asked me to test their product here in Gunnison, Colorado. So, where I am is in the middle of nowhere on a hundred-acre ranch. And the property that you see behind me is a little bit over 5,000 square feet. And if you can see in the background over there, I have a power shed. And so, the reason why I’m excited to try out the Home Complete is because though we have a cell phone booster for the bulk of the property, one area that we really need it is in the power shed. We had a lightning strike; we’ve had a system failure and it’s a complicated system that you need phone support in order to really get the job done right.

We’re not going to get any service techs out here without four-wheel drive and without a big set of cajones. So, the best option that we have is to do the work ourselves, while we’re on the phone with our service techs walking us through the process. And so, the biggest problem that we’ve had thus far is that we don’t get cell service in that power shed. So what we want to try with this Home Complete with an expanded footprint as to how it works and where it works is install it in the main house and expand the coverage into the power shed to really boost our ability to live and survive out here. So, we’re excited to try the product and excited to show you how we do the install. How we test the product and then just give you some raw feedback as to how it actually works. So, let’s go in, I’ll give you a couple different vantage points of what we’re actually working with there. And then we’ll get to the install.

I wanted to give everybody just a 360-degree view of the property to truly give a sense that we are in the middle of nowhere. And at present, if I were to put on my phone, I would probably only have one bar of 3G oscillating to one bar of 1X. So, we’re truly in the middle of nowhere. We’ve got very few neighbors, we’ve got no year-round neighbors, so there’s no incentive for any significant cell phone tower development. So, the We Boost is really our only option to get the service that we need in order to do the work that we need to do.

This is an important angle for me to show you because this is actually what got me excited about the new product, the Home Complete from We Boost. So, you can see that I have a power shed, I have solar panels that are rotating and then you have the house in the background. So, the challenge that we have for example, is that right now the rotating solar panels, which track are supposed to track with the sun, they’re not operating. We’ve got a capable crew here that are able to fix those things. But we do need guidance from the service techs that manufactured the rotation system. So, we need to be able to call them and act in real time with their instructions. Also, I need to be able to get into that power shed and manage some of the operations in there under the guidance of the service techs, the phone techs And I can’t do that right now, even with the We Boost 4G connect that we have in the main house, we’ve got zero signal here. So, it’s going to be really, really exciting to see when we install the Home Complete, whether we have access to phone signal here and it will be a game changer for us.

Right now, I’m inside the power shed. We’ve got a charge controller, we’ve got inverters. We have a control panel right here that allows us to do the programming and we have a whole mess of other hardware issues in here. So this is where I need to be able to be on the phone with a service tech to make sure that I’m routing the 1.21 gigawatts of power that we got going through this baby, in the right way to not blow things up or to just properly operate. And this is a complicated, menu driven system, which is a rabbit hole and challenging to really figure out what the options are. So, having phone support here is absolutely critical to being able to stay out here all year round, which is what we are trying to do, which is what we are doing. But we’d like to be able to do it in more comfort than less comfort.

This is another important angle to take in. So right now, I am facing the power shed, my back is to where the signal is actually coming from. So, what we need to do when we’re installing this, is install the antenna on the other side of this work shed, which is attached to the main house. So, the key is to install the antenna in the best location where you’re going to capture a signal, and then you run the other machinery to create the circumference essentially of the cell phone boosted area. So, the goal will be to install the antenna on top of this shed, to capture the best signal possible and then route the equipment into the power shed to give us cell signal within the work shed. And then all the way into the power shed. And just as a side note, you could see some snowmobiles over here. 

This is a snowmobile only in and out location. You can’t get here five months out of the year if you don’t have a snowmobile. We’ve got a razor right back there because there’s definitely a lot of locations, even with some nice trucks, you’re not going to get to where you need to go. So, can’t emphasize enough that we are in the middle of nowhere. This is the kind of product that we absolutely need. We Boost, hasn’t let us down before and so we’re excited to try the We Boost Home Complete product here, and let you know how it works out.

One more vantage point that I wanted to give you, I’m on the deck of the house, the main house right now. And right now, I have the camera pointed in the direction of where the signal is coming from. And so, our goal is to get signal from the apex of the work shed, the garage, which you can see up there. So, we are going to install the antenna approximately in that location where I’m confident we’ll be capturing the strongest cell phone signal possible from that point. And then we’ll route all the other hardware, the cell phone booster and the inside antenna down toward the power shed. So, this is one more interesting angle, as you’re evaluating your own situation and trying to learn from how we did it. Again, if I turn 90 degrees, I’m looking in the direction of where our strongest signal comes from. I know that that point up there is going to grab that signal well and that’s the signal that’s going to be boosted and hopefully generate a strong signal between within the space of the work shed down to that power shed.

All right, I want to show you what’s actually in the box when you receive the Home Complete system from, We Boost. There’s a nice installation overview on the side of the box and it also gives you the list of the package content, so as you pull it out you can check that which is a really nice service. So, you’ve got a 60-foot coaxial cable, you’ve got a 75-foot coaxial cable, installation guide and other associated paperwork. Right here, I have the indoor antenna, so this’ll go on the inside with the corresponding hardware cords and the corresponding cables in order to attach it to the different gear. You also have nice stickers that correspond to the step of the process. So, this is the outside antenna which they indicate is step two, and then you open it up and a nicely packaged antenna with the corresponding hardware as well as the cables inside. Miscellaneous cable clips and other gear that you might need in order to fix the various components, to the sides of the house or the inside walls.

And then you actually have the booster itself. So, you have the two antennas which have the booster connecting in between them. So, the outside antenna will go on the outside, you’ll have one of the coaxial cables running into the booster, and then you’ll have the other coaxial cable running out of the booster to the inside antenna. And that creates the circumference if you will, of your area of cell phone boosting. And again when I used their products before and I’ve both their vehicle products as well as a smaller home product, I saw my signal increase from one bar 3G one bar of 1X, um, all the way up to a consistent two to three, if not four bars of LTE. So very, very excited to get this installed. Show you how it is installed and show you how it works.

All right, I had to call an Audible and record one more clip, and I’m doing that for my car, so excuse the low quality. But before moving into showing you our install, it was important to let you guys know a few things. So first, the process and the instructions laid out by We Boost is really clear, straightforward and foolproof. When followed step by step. I needed to say that up front because the install I’m about to show you is not conventional or by the book. When one lives off grid with unique circumstances and goals, one often needs to improvise. Also, my partner in crime, my MacGyver is not a follow the instructions kind of guy. So that said, what you’re going to see in both process and results is really how robust the We Boost Home Complete System is. We pushed this product far beyond what the specifications indicate, and the results are outstanding. So, I have absolute confidence if your situation is more conventional than ours and you follow the step by step instructions, the Home Complete will really satisfy all your phone boosting needs. But again, what you’re going to see from us is something a little bit different. We had to improvise, but the results are outstanding. We’re really psyched with the product; we’re really psyched for the results. So, onto the install.

That’s amazing. I mean that much juice; I have solid signal. I wonder how far we can go with it. I mean it’s ringing perfectly. Hey dad, how are you? I’m calling you from my generator shed. We just finished putting in a signal booster. So, I’m literally standing inside of my generator shed at the panels. The We Boost Home Complete. I’m using the We Boost Home Complete System and it works flawlessly. You should tell all of his friends to use it to, yes just wanted to actually make a phone call off from here and have it connected with you.

This is stunning. No ringing. This is absolutely stunning that we have cell phone signal. So, here’s the power shed, the initial antenna, the outside antenna is on the other side of that work shed, which is huge power shed, and we’ve got full signal out here. This is absolutely, absolutely stunning. We Boost, We Boost Home Complete, cannot speak highly enough of it.

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