Home and Office Signal Booster Installation Guide

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Home and Office Signal Booster Installation

This quick and simple guide will get you started installing your home and office signal booster.



So it’s safe to assume you’re having a bit of trouble with the installation of your signal booster. Don’t worry this quick and easy guide should make it pretty clear how to set yours up in just a few minutes. First, let’s double check to make sure you have everything you need. Your kit should have come with an outdoor and indoor antenna, some coaxial cabling, the repeater, and a power source for the repeater. If that was all included you can now stop blaming the company that sold it to you and start blaming the one that prints the manual.



The most important reason to perform a soft installation is to make sure that you get the most signal out of your booster. You know what they say, “Measure twice and cut once” so you really want to check and double check that you get both antennas in the right spot. The first thing to do is find out where you should put your booster. The simplest way to do this is to check the LCD display on the amplifier however not all amplifiers come equipped with one. If yours has one check a few different potential antenna locations. Your antenna will receive the best signal where you are getting the highest level of downlink power in each band.

If you are one of the unlucky ones don’t worry the second easiest way isn’t much more difficult. All you need to do is change the output of your phone from the traditional “bars” to decibels. You do this by going into the “Phone” app where you would dial someone’s number manually and input *3001#12345#*. Now you should see a negative number where your bars were. After doing this go up to your roof and check a few potential antenna locations. The ideal one will be where your phone shows the number closest to 0. Since numbers are sometimes hard here’s a color-coded chart to help you out.

If you’ve found where the optimal antenna location is go ahead and do one last check. You want it to be away from any metal such as A.C. units or siding on your roof. You also might want to clear away any potentially obstructive tree branches. Now go ahead and mark where you are going to be putting the antenna and head inside to set up the indoor one.

The indoor antenna is much simpler to set up. The most important thing is that you want it to be at least 15 to 20 feet away from your outdoor antenna. Other than that set it up in a common room like your kitchen or living room in a corner.

Finally, make sure you have enough cable to run from each antenna location to the amplifier.



Almost there, and we did all the hard work already. All that’s left is to plug everything in. One great thing to do is wrap your outdoor connections in electrical tape. This will help waterproof them and help you maintain your fancy new gadget.


All of the LED lights on your booster should be a steady green or a flashing green. If any are red or simply not lighting up you should check the user manual for specifics.

Some common issues include:
– Having the indoor and outdoor antennas too close
– The connections from antennas to the booster could be loose